Dovi Kacev is an assistant teaching professor in the Marine Biology Research Division at Scripps. Kacev’s research interests are in the field of ecology and marine biology, with a special focus on understanding the ecology of migratory shark species. Previous research by Kacev used molecular techniques to analyze mako and thresher shark (Isurus oxyrinchus and Alopias vulpinus) populations and migration patterns in the Southern California Bight. He hopes to incorporate these findings in future fishery management plans to ensure viable, pelagic shark populations. His recent postdoctoral research with NOAA’s Southwest Fisheries Science Center, where he continues to collaborate, focused on the application of next-generation genetic sequencing techniques to ID the early life stages of fishes and answer questions in fisheries science. At Scripps, most of his time will be spent teaching marine biology and ecology labs and courses, and he will also continue doing active research and field work. Kacev grew up traveling between San Diego and South Africa, where animals and the ocean quickly became his passion. He holds a PhD in ecology from a joint program offered by San Diego State University and UC Davis and a BS in marine biology and economics from UC Los Angeles.